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Anatomy of a Vulnerability

When one thinks of vulnerabilities, one considers a weakness in a security design, some flaw that can be
exploited to defeat the defense. In medieval days, a vulnerability of a castle was that it could be laid siege.
In more modern terms, a bulletproof vest could be vulnerable to a specially made bullet, or by aiming at a
different body part not protected by the vest. In fact, as many different security measures that have been
invented have been circumvented almost at the point of conception.
A computer vulnerability is a flaw in the security of a computer system. The security is the support
structure that prevents unauthorized access to the computer. When a vulnerability is exploited, the person
using the vulnerability will gain some additional influence over the computer system that may allow a
compromise of the systems’ integrity.
Computers have a range of different defenses, ranging from passwords to file permissions. Computer
“virtual” existence is a completely unique concept that doesn’t relate well to physical security. However,
in terms of computer security, the techniques to break in are finite and can be described.
This book breaks down the logic to computer security vulnerabilities so that they can fit within specific
categories that make them understandable. Provided with a vulnerability, the danger and function of each
possible type of vulnerability can be explained, and paths of access enhancements can be determined.
There are four basic types of vulnerabilities, which are relative to two factors: what is the specific target of
the vulnerability in terms of computer or person, and the other is how quickly the vulnerability works. One
could imagine this as a matrix:
download free Vulnerability book
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What is a Virus?

Have you ever ask your self that question befor? well here i am going to show you the basic of what a virus really is. A virus is a piece of code so will try to do wierd actions on your computer. Copy itselfs to diffrent places on the computer is the most commont action it will do. They may attach it self to a spesifc program or spesifc file type. The importent part to a virus is to survive as long as Possible. The writters to the virus want it to stay alive. What a virus will do is try to gain access to the system of the computer to take control over important Functions of the system. This is how a virus will try to stay alive. Some viruses may also try to attack Threats as AV’s disable important functions like “Task Manager” so you can’t turn off the Processes the virus is running in.
What i mean about important Functions is like “System Restore” ect this can restore the computer to a later condition. So to mabye delete all the restore points or even disable it from the user to use it. Viruses are much more harder to get ride of if they are Executed on the victems computer since than they can use hiding Techniques to try avoid to get detected by the AV’s. They will most likely try to not exist on the computer. Since they are trying to merge with virus free programs so are legaly. Also they can try to Deny access to files they are hiding in so the AV’s can’t open them up. This is just few Techniques they will try to use to stay hidden on the victems computer. So you should always scan files befor you execute them.
So how can they really take away important Functions on the computer like “Task Manager”? Every function to the computer is saved in something called registry. So viruses will normaly do alot of changs there to take out functions so are important to the computer and user. Normal computer users without knowledge about registry are’nt able to turn thos needed Functions like Task Manager on again. There is alot of persons out there in the World so don’t even know about how this really works. Think about every Person on the Earth nearly all have a computer so they have access to at home? But have they really any knownledge about the threats and how to deal with them? Answers is No!. So this is why its so very big risk for so many to get infected since they are’nt really prepared about the threats out there so are hiding in every single corner when you surf on the internet. They are’nt taking the Alert on how bad it really is. When they are download something they are’t even beliving that it might be a threat? Are they even scan the Files befor they execute them? I think No! All thos problems would’nt be so big if peoeple really open up there eyes and took a look at whats going an.
What ever all the AV’s and Security stuff poeple are making. It wont stop the threats as viruses and unwated programs will still be everywhere but if poeple just stopped up for one second and started to be abit more carefully about what they are doing on the Internet they might not be as so big risks as they are today. Just with simple few steps they can avoid to get infected.
- Downloading Software
- Clicking on Pop up windows
- Clicking on Attachments via E-Mail
- Have’t patched up the computer
- Surfing on Unsecure Sites
- Entering unsecure IRC rooms
- Clicking on Links so you may get from “Messenger” or “E-Mail”
Here you see a few ways you can get infected with viruses. So as you see its very easy get it. But if you just thinking about what you are doing on the computer you can easy avoid alot of virus infections. Many Poeple may ask what is the best protection? There are’t any program so can give you 100% secure computer. Best AV’s you have on your computer is “You”.
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ritual baru fedora

Kali ini saya mencoba install fedora ini karena kebutuhan dapur supaya tetep ngebul tutuntutan dari kantor. seperti dulu ketika pertama kali mengenal linux dalam hal ini ubuntu, saya mencoba menulis beberapa kebiasaan yang harus saya install atau saya setting. ada sedikit yang tidak biasa di kantor saya ini karena saya harus melakukan semua dengan console.

Oke, ini beberapa hal yang saya lakukan ketika menginstall laptop saya dengan fedora.

Hal pertama yang saya lakukan adalah setingan netwok. hal ini bisa dilakukan dengan dua cara yaitu dengan command line atau dengan cara mengklik gambar netwok pada pojok kanan atas. saya tidak akan membahas itu karena saya melakukan dengan console/command line. ini baris perintahnya.

vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

isi ifcfg-eth0 dengan


lalu save kemudian restart network dengan perintah

service network restart.

Yang kedua seting Resolusi monitor. Pada laptop Anote **ini kantor cinta produk dalam negri** saya harus menginstall


ini perintahnya

yum install system-config-display

setelah selesai install ketikan


lalu pilih konfigurasi sesuai dengan selera.

Yang ketiga acsesoris-acsesoris :)

yum install pidgin

buat chating

yum install flash-plugin

untuk main poker di fb :D

su -c 'yum install flash-plugin nspluginwrapper.x86_64 \
nspluginwrapper.i686 alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i686 \

untuk update firefox atau lebih lengkapnya klik disini

dan sisanya untuk kebutuhan development perl

yum install \
mysql-server make gd-devel cpan unzip mod_ssl vim-enhanced cvs \
gcc-c++ expat-devel curl-devel openssl-devel \
perl-libapreq2 perl-libwww-perl perl-XML-LibXML perl-XML-Parser \
perl-HTML-Template perl-Crypt-SSLeay perl-DBIx-Class

tinggal konfigurasi-konfigurasi deh
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Ritual Baru FEDORA

Kali ini saya mencoba install fedora ini karena kebutuhan dapur supaya tetep ngebul tutuntutan dari kantor. seperti dulu ketika pertama kali mengenal linux dalam hal ini ubuntu, saya mencoba menulis beberapa kebiasaan yang harus saya install atau saya setting. ada sedikit yang tidak biasa di kantor saya ini karena saya harus melakukan semua dengan console.

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